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The A. Gilbert Co. Very worn. Box size is 15" X 10". A nightgown; a child's petticoat; a camisole; a lace trimmed white blouse; three petticoats and a pair of bloomers. All are lace or eyelet trimmed. Harper Gold Cobalt Whiskey flask; a cobalt blue bottle; an amethyst bottle for S. Boehm and Co. Varying sizes. Product name at the top and original paper label at the inside. Dovetail construction.

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Cast Iron. Included in the lot is a Magic, NY cast iron vise. One Drawer. Working Condition. A wooden rake; a cast iron muck or hay rake without handle and a cast iron anvil. Boston, Mass; a pair of wooden children's shoe lasts; a toilet pin cube and two early brushes. Bull Dog Grip. The Improved Washburne Patent.

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Advertising painted on board for Colt Revolvers with a specimen of the product mounted. Selling Agent: Marfa Mercantile. On the back, printed letters Colt Adv Marfa-Texas.

Lighter Co. The lot includes a pair of hanging chandeliers, double branched and a single chandelier. Unusual advertising piece. Mounted brass engraved mirror for Phenix. The lot includes a Phenix Nerve Beverage Bottle and is included in the lot.

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Bottle has been painted over. Iron candleholder from the Tombstone mines. A second is included in the lot. Also included in the lot is an iron Betty lamp. Three items in the lot. Mounted on a marble base Dents to the sphere. By the Hine and Robertson Co. In a wooden case. Probably for a country store counter. Includes an iron puzzle, a cattle bell, a cast iron footed pourer and a large sadiron with a twisted handle as well as an early hook tool. Marked Toy Columbia Washer. Two Colorado Mining Seals in this lot of four early seals.

One has a griffin face. Black painted with floral decorations and "Flour" word stenciled. Double handled. Cast iron straps to the oak cask. Dovetailed box with cutting blades.


Perhaps a drinking troth. Wood framed glass tabletop display cases. Ornately carved with a Deer and date. Could be a milliner's measuring device.


As is rim chips. Opening chips and crack. Varying sizes inc. Included in the lot is a cast iron bean pot with a lid. Collins Saddlery Cowboy Outfitter of the Southwest. Hand made spurs and bits. Guaranteed pocket knives. Prescott, Arizona. One glass lamp with a hurricane globe electrified ; a second glass lamp.

The brass lamp by Success. Holes 84" x 64".

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Two are 10 gallon crocks; one is an 8 gallon crock; one is a six gallon crock. Two are six gallon crocks; two are five gallon crocks. Unusual studded leather tool carrier with leather handle 23"L 10"W. Durham tobacco pouch and Rolls Razor in original box. Pole sign.

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Some enamelware loss. Carved wood. Painted decorations. On a wheeled platform. Chrome bound milk glass cigar humidor 12"W. For the Country Store. Six drawers, each for a different product by the company. Wood with paper labels for the products. Reverse painted labels one stopper is as is 8"H. Wood and Brass. Made by the Universal Mfg. Iten Biscuit Co. Green at one side, pink at the other has hole 78"L x 54"W.

One high button shoes, black suede and leather and one pair two tone brown lace ups. Turn of the century black hat. Bronze and metal. Athabascan Mittens from the North Yukon Territory. Beaver trim, silk lining. Pink and green glass bead decorations. Watch crystal assembly machine. Germanow -Simon Machine Co.

Turned legs. Hinged tops and brass lock. Remnants of blue and green paint. Poker Series Plate No. A Raise in the South. Double doors at top and bottom. Carved bonnet. Made from reclaimed barn wood. Needs glass on the doors and also needs knobs. Two upper doors, two drawers and two doors at the bottom.

Knobs are mismatched. Elaborate hinges and handle.