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The revitalization of the Lawrence-Allen area and the Lawrence Heights community provides the opportunity for social and economic change in this economically marginalized neighbourhood. It will allow for a previously isolated and disconnected neighbourhood to integrate back into the broader community. Both areas share similar tenant populations, demographic profiles, crime and gang statistics, and design of land as well. Approximately 7, tenants were residing in the Regent Park development area before the revitalization project began, compared to 3, currently living in Lawrence Heights.

It will renew and increase the current stock of government housing in the area, build new public infrastructure, improve community facilities and municipal infrastructure as well as active parks, and schools, and redevelop a balanced transportation system which prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. The subsequent reduction of the subsidized units, and creation of new rental and owner units will bring in more revenue for the city in addition to the other revitalization objectives mentioned.

The project is similar in scale to the Regent Park revitalization project, which saw a reduction of the area's proportion of assisted units from per cent to 30 per cent.

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Estimated New Market Units , Estimated TCHC Replacement Units: , Parks and Facilities: New community park east side , rebuilt Flemington elementary school, potential new community recreation centre and pool, potential facilities along Flemington road, renovations to Barbara Frum library, potential new or replacement child care centre. Parks and Facilities: Potential facilities along Flemington Road, potential new replacement child care.

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  • Estimated New Market Units: — , Parks and Facilities: New neighbourhood park, potential replacement of existing community facility space, potential new non-profit facility hub, redeveloped secondary school with schoolyard, other potential facilities located with school include pool and child care if not addressed in other phases.

    The total new market units for each phase equates to approximately plus the total TCHC replacement units , for a grand total after the year development cycle is completed of units. The project is currently in the planning stage of the Project Life Cycle. The scheduling of the phases of the project is currently taking place, with decisions being made as to when to begin construction. The preliminary budget has also been completed, with a further secondary budget to shortly follow, as well as associated implementation plans and staff reports.

    These milestones are crucial points in the project development timeline, where review can take place. This plan, which was completed in , has formed the basis for the current Secondary Plan which is currently nearing completion. Legend relates that by her talking she detained Hera, when the latter sought to surprise Zeus among the mountain nymphs. To punish her the goddess deprived her of speech, unless first spoken to. She subsequently fell in love with Narcissus, and because he did not reciprocate her affection she pined away until nothing was left but her voice.

    It is one of the hottest places in Spain. Eck , Johann Maier von, the celebrated opponent of Luther, born in , died in He went to Rome in , and returned with a Papal bull against Luther, in attempting to publish which he met with violent popular opposition. In , while at the Diet of Augsburg, he made the remarkable admission that he could confute the Augsburg Confession by the fathers but not by the Scriptures. Eck was present also at the Diets of Worms and Ratisbon In he served in the army against the French, and was afterwards appointed to a small governmental post.

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    He finally settled in Weimar, where he became private secretary to Goethe. After Goethe's death he published his Conversations with Goethe , a book which has been translated into all European languages. The use of the term is now practically restricted to puerperal eclampsia, convulsions occurring in pregnant women, generally those suffering from kidney disease.

    The system is called eclecticism. In ancient philosophy Cicero was the most conspicuous representative of eclecticism, and in modern times the eclectic [] method found a notable supporter in the French philosopher Victor Cousin. A star or planet may be hidden by the moon; in this case the phenomenon is called an occultation.

    An Eclipse of the Moon is an obscuration of the light of the moon occasioned by an interposition of the earth between the sun and the moon; consequently, all eclipses of the moon happen at full moon. Further, the moon's direction from the earth must make only a very small angle with the axis of the earth's shadow, or line joining centres of sun and earth produced.

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    The theory of lunar eclipses will be understood from fig. If the sun were a point of light, there would be a sharp outlined shadow or umbra only, but since the luminous surface is so large there is always a region in which the light of the sun is only partially cut off by the earth, which region is known as the penumbra P P. Hence during a lunar eclipse the moon first enters the penumbra, then is totally or partially immersed in the umbra, then emerges through the penumbra again.

    An Eclipse of the Sun is an obscuration of the whole or part of the face of the sun, occasioned by an interposition of the moon between the earth and the sun; thus all eclipses of the sun happen at the time of new moon. The dark or central part of the moon's shadow, where the sun's rays are wholly intercepted, is here the umbra , and the light part, where they are only partially intercepted, is the penumbra ; and it is evident that if a spectator be situated on that part of the earth where the umbra falls, there will be a total eclipse of the sun at that place; in the penumbra there will be a partial eclipse, and beyond the penumbra there will be no eclipse.

    As the moon is not always at the same distance from the earth, and as the moon is a comparatively small body, if an eclipse should happen when the moon is so far from the earth that her shadow falls short of the earth, a spectator situated on the earth in a direct line with the centres of the sun and moon would see a ring of light round the dark body of the moon. Such an eclipse is called annular , as shown in fig. An eclipse can never be annular longer than 12 minutes 24 seconds, nor total longer than 7 minutes 58 seconds.

    The longest possible entire duration of an eclipse of the sun is a little over 4 hours. An eclipse of the sun begins on the western side of his disc and ends on the eastern; and an eclipse of the moon begins on the eastern side of her disc and ends on the western.

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    The largest possible number of eclipses in a year is seven, [] four of the sun and three of the moon, or five of the sun and two of the moon. The smallest is two, both of the sun. But a solar eclipse affects only a limited area of the earth, while a lunar eclipse is visible from more than a terrestrial hemisphere, as the earth rotates during its progress.

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    Therefore at any given place eclipses of the moon are more frequently visible than those of the sun. Buchanan, The Theory of Eclipses ; W. Lynn, Remarkable Eclipses. See Earth. The Greeks observed that eclipses of the sun and moon took place near this circle; whence they called it the ecliptic. Aries the Ram , 21st March. Taurus the Bull , 20th April. Gemini the Twins , 21st May. Cancer the Crab , 21st June. Leo the Lion , 23rd July. Virgo the Virgin , 23rd Aug.

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    Libra the Balance , 23rd Sept. Scorpio the Scorpion , 23rd Oct. Sagittarius the Archer , 22nd Nov. Capricornus the Goat , 22nd Dec. Aquarius the Water-carrier , 20th Jan. Pisces the Fishes , 19th Feb. The days of the month annexed show when the sun, in its annual revolution, enters each of the signs of the zodiac. From the First Point of Aries, or the place of the sun at the vernal equinox, the degrees of the ecliptic are counted from west to east.

    The plane of the ecliptic is that by which the position of the planets and the latitude and longitude of the stars are reckoned. The axis of the earth is not fixed in direction in space, but performs a slow conical motion about the pole of the ecliptic in about 26, years. In consequence of this the points at which the equator intersects the ecliptic, viz. The signs of the zodiac, therefore, do not now coincide, as they did some years ago, with the constellations of the same names, and the First Point of Aries has now regressed through the greater part of the constellation Pisces.

    The angle at which the ecliptic and equator are mutually inclined is also variable, and has been diminishing for about years at the rate of about 50 seconds in a century. Laplace gave a theory to show that this variation has certain fixed limits, and that after a certain time the angle will begin to increase again. See Precession and Nutation.

    Eclogues flourished among the ancients Bucolics of Virgil , and, under the name of pastorals, were fashionable in the sixteenth century, Spenser's Shepherds' Calendar being a good example. They were revived in the eighteenth century by Pope.

    The competitions for the grands prix de Rome take place at this school. All artists between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five, whether pupils of this school or not, may compete, after passing two preliminary examinations. The successful competitors receive an annual allowance from the State for three or four years, two of which must be passed at Rome.

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    By the decree of the school forms part of the University of Paris. It maintains a hundred students and has a course of three years' duration. It was founded in , and is under the direction of the Minister of War. Candidates are admitted only by competitive examination, and have to pay for their board francs a year. The pupils who pass satisfactory examinations at the end of their course are admitted to that branch of public service which they select. Economics is the name applied, in [] substitution for the older one of political economy, to the scientific study of men in relation to the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of wealth.

    The origin of both names lies in the analogy between provision for the needs of a household and for those of a State. To the former the term 'economy' was originally applied, as in Xenophon's treatise on the subject. But it was soon adopted to describe that branch of the art of government which dealt with public revenue and expenditure, and a matter intimately connected therewith, the enrichment of the community as a whole.

    This conception of economics inspired all economic writings until late in the eighteenth century, a typical example being Thomas Mun's England's Treasure by Foreign Trade , containing an exposition of the mercantile system which sought to increase natural wealth by regulation of the balance of trade. The treatment of economics as a science had its origin in the writings of the Physiocrats, a group of French philosophers of whom Quesnay was the most prominent, and with whom Turgot , the great minister of Louis XVI, held many doctrines in common.

    The Physiocrats argued that the wealth of the community was raised to the maximum, not by State regulation, but by entire freedom in the economic sphere.