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Many years ago, my missionary friend, Gesina Blaauw, was thrown into a communist prison And many years ago, my missionary friend, Gesina Blaauw, was thrown into a communist prison in Yugoslavia — the authorities caught her with Bibles and Christian literature. In the pitch black of her cell, Gesina remembered a verse she had read that morning. Later, the guard brought salami and bread for her to eat, but all Gesina could do was cry.

Without thinking, she reached up and wiped her tears with a chunk of the bread. And suddenly Psalm 80 flashed in her mind.

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She laughed out loud. God is feeding her with the bread of tears. Just look for your own bread of tears.

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Psalm 80: Eating the Bread of Tears

Saline soaked bread cannot sustain the weary soul. I would believe if I was able, but I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table. Perhaps those of us with plenty can help redress the inequality - support those who eat the bread of tears this Advent. Our church is focusing on the four themes of adventconspiracy.

Psalm 80 – the Bread of Tears!

Its our way of saying that Christmas, and the coming of God, can still turn our world upside down! Visit the Upper Room Church in Partick - a wonderful example of the bread of tears of displaced refugees being turned to a joyful feast.

Psalm 80:5

Sharing even the crumbs from your table this Christmas would be a welcome change to the bread of tears. Oh God, our culture is saturated in consumerism.

At times we thought that those eating the bread of tears were getting their just desserts.