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Although the vast majority of books that have Lexile measures did not change, a small subset of books required updated Lexile measures. Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials.

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We are working with the hundreds of companies that partner with us to transition them to the more precise Lexile measures. For more information on these enhancements and matching beginning readers with texts, visit lexile. Quick Book Search Search Advanced. Advanced Search Title. Series name. Language English Spanish Bilingual. Menu Find a Book. Home Sign In Contact Us. Main Menu Search. Louis Riel arrives to take his seat in Parliament, but decides to stay in Quebec for fear of being arrested if he crosses the river into Ottawa.

The federal government passes a bill that creates the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Construction tragedy: The half-finished Second Narrows Bridge in Vancouver collapses killing 19 workers. Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful call on his new invention, the telephone. Light and bright: McGill University's Redpath Library opens in Montreal with glass floors that also help make it fireproof.

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Play on! Titanic, directed by Canadian James Cameron, hits theatres; it will go on to make more money than any movie before it. Alexander Graham Bell creates the first telephone service in the world in Hamilton, Ont. This just in: The Canadian Press, later known as CP, forms to provide news services across the country. A terrible fire in Alberta finally ends after days of sending smoke over North America. Non encore: Quebeckers vote Extra, extra! Can you bear it? The Royal Canadian Mint reveals the design of the new two dollar coin, soon called the toonie. More than 30, workers walk off the job, starting the Winnipeg General Strike to secure better working conditions.

Mais oui! The Quebec government adopts Bill , making French the official language of the province. Happy Birthday, Yukon! The territory is created today with its capital at Dawson City. The seigneurial system of dividing and giving out land in Quebec is officially abolished.

Smooth sailing: The first ship enters the new St. The Beatles perform in Canada for the first time, but police stop the Vancouver concert after 27 minutes, fearing a riot. Oceans ho! The National Theatre School is founded in Montreal to be a bilingual place for Canadians to study the stage. Psst — the Canadian Parliament agrees to bring in the votes done by secret ballot. The first group of Icelanders settles on Lake Winnipeg.

All aboard! Avalanche avoided: Rogers Pass, which gives cars on the Trans-Canada Highway a safe route through the mountains, opens. Bill Miner and his gang pull the first train robbery in Canada near Kamloops, B. Railroaded: Five companies combine to create the government-owned Canadian National Railways, the longest in North America. Prince Edward Island gives in and requires motorists to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Midale, Sask. Underground operation: Prime Minister Lester B.

Citizen Miles - A Lesson in Citizenship (Auto-B-Good)

Pearson opens the new Toronto subway system. A blackout sends much of Ontario, Quebec and the northeastern U. The first Canadian coins are minted today in one-, five-, and cent amounts. The biggest manhunt in Canadian history ends when Edwin Boyd, leader of the Boyd Gang of bank robbers, is captured.

Bytown is founded; it will be renamed Ottawa in and become the capital in Refugees from Hungary escaping Communist rule receive free passage to Canada. Happy Birthday, Joe Clark!

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Deadly voyage: The crew of the ship Prince of Wales are the last Europeans to see members of the Franklin Expedition alive. The federal government introduces the Income War Tax Act, intended as a temporary way to raise money. Land ho! Seventy-four million tonnes of rock from Turtle Mountain collapses on the town of Frank, Alberta. The Frank Slide kills The Montreal Expos play their first game, which is also the first major league baseball game played outside the U. Manitoba becomes the first province to ban alcoholic beverages. Good decision: Ontario women are finally given the right to vote in provincial elections.

Three decades before it ends in the United States, slavery is outlawed in the British Empire, freeing more than , people. Read all about it! Take off, eh? The first powered flight in the British Empire takes place today near Baddeck, N. You can bet on this — Northern Dancer becomes the first Canadian horse to win the famous Kentucky Derby.

On your mark, get set…brrr! Battle or massacre? Nineteen men die at Seven Oaks in a bloody fight between the two big fur-trading companies. Royal occasion: Queen Elizabeth II opens Parliament, the first time the reigning monarch has done so. Signed, sealed and delivered: today is the first day that parcels can be mailed between Canada and the united States. This is the day when secret ballots are used for the first time in any British territory, by the Nova Scotia government.

William Loggie, who studied at McGill University, becomes the first medical student to graduate in Canada. It touches off the Red River Rebellion. An Air Canada flight runs out of fuel and has to land in rural Manitoba. It is forever known as the Gimli Glider. Watch out! Our very own Sir Sandford Fleming suggests the world be divided into 24 time zones. The time would be the same throughout each zone. Have a picnic! Get out!

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Sore feet? Expensive ride: A Toronto cab driver caught driving on a Sunday must pay two dollars or spend 10 days in jail.

Winning ways: In their first games, the Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors basketball teams both beat their opponents. Winston Churchill arrives in Ottawa to discuss war strategy; famous portrait of him is taken by photographer Yousuf Karsh. Canadians gather round to listen as King George VI is crowned in England in the first radio broadcast heard around the world.

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  • Ophelia Brown and the Russian (The Saga of Ophelia Brown Book 6).
  • The Vancouver Grizzlies become the first team in the NBA to lose 18 or more games in a row for two straight seasons. Goodbye, old chap: The Earl of Dundonald is fired as commander of our military.