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You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Sign in. You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? The Works of Ossian, the Son of Fingal. In Two Volumes. The Third Edition. The Poems of Ossian. Translated by James Macpherson, Esq. A new Edition, carefully corrected, and greatly improved.

Report of the Committee of the Highland Society of Scotland, appointed to inquire into the nature and authenticity of the Poems of Ossian.

Drawn up, according to the direction of the committee by Henry MacKenzie, Esq. Edinburgh, Published under the Sanction of the Highland Society of London. Bremen und Leipzig. A prose translation of Carric—Thura, p. Hannoverisches Magazin. Erster Jahrgang vom Jahre Hannover, Von R. The author of both the article and the translation is Rudolf Erich Raspe, — Weak prose translation by Joh.

Instead of the 10th, 11th and 12th fragments, The Songs of Selma are given from the ed. This and the following translation are sometimes given as one made by Engelbrecht and Wittenberg, e. They were, however, published as two distinct and separate books. Nebst verschiedenen andern Gedichten von eben demselben. Hamburg und Leipzig.

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Bremisches Magazin. Amsterdam reprint, June—August, October, , and February, The author of the review is Albrecht von Haller, —77; cp. Neues Bremisches Magazin. I, i, pp.

Rezensionen aus der Buch-Community der ricammopa.ga

Erste Sammlung. Schleswig und Leipzig. Review : Neue Bibl. I, No.

  1. The Germans: "An Antisemitic People”. The Press Campaign After 9 November | ricammopa.ga.
  2. Herausforderung Umzug - Welches Risiko besteht aus sozialisationstheoretischer Sicht bei einem Umzug im Kindesalter (German Edition);
  3. The Meeting Point;
  4. In the Company of Rivers: An Anglers Stories & Recollections;
  5. The Xenophon Anthology (Texts from Ancient Greece Book 4).

English Bibliography. A lament, Ossianic in spirit, translated into rhythmic prose from the Royal Magazine, May, , pp.

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Ein altes schottisches Gedicht. Free translation in rimed stanzas by L. The author of the review is Albrecht von Haller; cp. Theorie der Poesie Christian Heinrich Schmid.

Lebensweisheiten aus den Sprüchen Salomos

Leipzig, p. Litteratur der Poesie, Von den Barden Denis, aus der G. Gesellschaft Jesu. The same , Vol. Carmina quaedam and for German translations cf. An octavo edition appeared synchronously. Ossians und Sineds Lieder ; —2. To Vol. At the close an anecdote in proof of the genuineness of the works of Ossian is related.

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  • Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694-1768).
  • Leipzig, Vol. Allgemeine Deutsche Bibliothek, Vol. Suphan, Vol. Almanach der deutschen Musen auf das Jahr Leipzig, pp. In the second edition of the Almanach Leipzig, Berlin und Frankfurt the review is found on pp. Dritte Sammlung. Theorie der Poesie, , Litteratur der Poesie, Neue Bibliothek, Hannover, , pp. Eschenburg — edited the first four volumes of the Unterhaltungen, also the Brittisches Museum, e. Ein dramatisches Gedicht von Eschenburg, d. A reprint of the above, which appeared also in the Zwote, verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage of the Almanach, Leipzig, Berlin und Frankfurt, pp.

    Unterhaltungen, Silbernes Buch. The first is a translation of Dar—Thula, p. Volkslieder, , the third of Dar—Thula, beginning, p. The first extract is translated in rimed couplets, the others in free meter.