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In , he repaid his debt to Roosevelt in The Town down the River, a collection of poems dedicated to the former president. John Evereldown, out late at night, is called back to the house by his wife, who is wondering why he wants to walk the long cold miles into town. The title poem in Captain Craig concerns an old resident of the town whose life, believed wasted by his neighbors, proves to have been of value. It is hardly more than the reverse of the shield of pain, and in his later work, it gives place to a great, pitying tenderness.

There is that comforting thought for those who suffered to see him suffer. He won his second poetry Pulitzer in , this time for The Man Who Died Twice, the story of a street musician whose one musical masterpiece is lost when he collapses after a night of debauchery. He stayed hospitalized until his death, correcting galley proofs of his last poem, King Jasper only hours before slipping into a final coma. Robinson stayed content with the old-fashioned ways to be new. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give.

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Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935)

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Region: U. Poems by This Poet Related Bibliography. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Avenel Gray. Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford. Eros Turannos. The House on the Hill. Luke Havergal.

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Richard Cory. Thomas Hood. Villanelle of Change. Show More. Love Poems from Poetry Magazine. Read More. From Audio Poem of the Day May Poetic Presidents. By Elizabeth Harball. The Children of the Night, Richard C. Badger, Captain Craig, Houghton, , revised and enlarged edition, Macmillan, The Town down the River, Scribner, The Man against the Sky, Scribner, Merlin, Macmillan, Lancelot, Thomas Seltzer, Among the British poets Robinson most admired, Housman was a decade older than he, Thomas Hardy a generation his senior, and Rudyard Kipling his near contemporary.

Robinson, who was to become our first truly modern poet, goes back a long way in time. When he died in , Robinson reigned as the nation's leading poet.

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Over the succeeding seventy years, Robinson's reputation has declined. True, there was a flurry of attention during his centenary in Then three separate volumes of selections of his poems appeared in the s, making his best work—the short- to medium-length poems—more easily available to the reading public than it had been for years. This state of affairs did not last for long; only one of these collections remains in print.

Robinson's reputation, it seems clear, declined in the wake of the triumph of such modernist poets as Eliot, Pound, Stevens, and Williams. Unlike them, Robinson remained devoted all his life to traditional forms. His poetry on the page came to look almost old-fashioned in its use of meter and rhyme. Yet, as Hall pointed out, that twentieth century generation of great modern poets actually began with Robinson "in his realism or honesty, and his relentless care for the art of poetic language.

You wouldn't think that would be so unusual, but it has been said that every biographer comes to hate his subject and there's an industry these days in writing biographies that ruin folks' reputations.


Happily, these books were different and it may be that none of the authors admired the person he was writing about more than Scott Donaldson, as the excerpt above suggests. It is certainly the case that none of them faced a more difficult task. Writers don't generally lead action-packed lives, but E. He determined early on that he would be a writer and devoted himself to the craft to the exclusion of nearly everything else. His work experience was rather meager, involving mostly a government sinecure, secured for him by Teddy Roosevelt who admired his poetry.

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  8. Finding such busy work for him was necessary because the literary world was so slow to publish and then appreciate him. He never married nor had children, his great love -- for his brother's wife -- and subsequent love interests coming to naught. He never went to war. He traveled abroad only once, and then to England, not anywhere exotic. He was a Republican but not active in politics, with the exception of a series of tirades against Prohibition late in life. He did drink quite a bit and, though it exacerbated a depressive personality and clearly seems to have diminished the volume of work he completed, he was not a drunken caricature, like Charles Bukowski.

    He was kind to nearly everyone, if not quite friendly, and apparently had few enemies nor enmities. Like a character in one of his own poems, it was a life that might have passed unnoticed but for his pen and the words he wrote. And so the poems and their importance are at the center of this biography as much as E.

    Donaldson is as much a literary critic as a biographer.