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The stars guide the way, they give meaning to life, showing the direction to take, in the way described by his friend, Jean-Claude Teriierooterai, a researcher specializing in ancestral Polynesian navigation techniques. Titouan Lamazou discovered the Marquesas at age 22, in , much like the great travellers from previous centuries that had inspired him so, for instance London, Stevenson, Gauguin or Segalen.

An encounter with the Marquesas was a true revelation for this artist. According to him, this part of the world has been relatively untouched, and the men and women living there continue to protect it. For the artist, wandering is a must, but after all his years of racing, he no longer wants to rush, he is searching for a slower rhythm. The idea of total immersion, nomadism, that he considers so necessary for nurturing creativity, inspires him and has become his lifelong project: the studio boat.

Εξοπλισμος συνεργειου αυτοκινητων μεταχειρισμενος

To do that you must have an open spirit and be in a place where you are free of all material constraints, so that you can freely devote yourself to your observations and to the work. This is the principle of the studio boat, a home for artists, be they visual artists, writers, or even researchers, it allows them to meet people and to have a perfectly equipped space on board the catamaran. The boat is currently being built, and the project will be launched in the Pacific for its maiden voyage.

Take your time. When you are travelling so far, you have to take your time.


And then come back. You have to visit and then revisit. The big lesson that we can learn from the peoples of Oceania is their system of taboos, a sort of divine set-aside scheme.

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You had to ask the village chief first, who communicated directly with the divinities, if you wanted to cut down a breadfruit tree or coconut palm… and so for centuries the islands were preserved thanks to a redeeming polytheism that today has been totally swept away. But today, a wonderful work has been undertaken. Since the 70s, they are trying to retrieve that memory, to find all the names that tell a story, that tell of the past, because, in Oceanian languages the future is imperfect, it does not yet exist, it is the present. The past is actually conceptualized, but unlike for us, the past is in front of them.

Because the future is hazy, you keep your feet in the present, looking to the past.

This is a broader feature of oral civilizations, that have generally been looked down upon by Westerners. But, fortunately, there are researchers that have been able to rediscover the oral tradition, and better understand these civilizations that were in fact extremely well organized. The Western vision is clearly that of a God who made us in his image and placed us above all, while in many parts of the world, where man is in contact with Nature, there is a god for all things; there is a respect, man lives in harmony and knows that he belongs to the living world, at one with nature.

It will be a third background and two thirds contemporary literature, with a portrait of the author painted by Titouan Lamazou on the cover of each edition, a presentation of the author, their origins, and the text.

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She describes two worlds. There will be a selection committee with very strict criteria.

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