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On the other hand, the stable isotope chronologies proved less affected by larch budmoth outbreaks, independent of the strength of the infestations. Contrary to tree-ring widths, none of the LBM outbreaks caused a significant disturbance of the current year's isotopic climate signal and, most importantly, there were no delayed effects in the following years.

Thus, stable carbon isotopes in tree-ring chronologies of the European larch provide an excellent opportunity for high-frequency temperature reconstructions.

Keyword s : J ; Larch budmoth auto ; Stable isotopes auto ; Dendroclimatology auto ; Temperature reconstruction auto ; European Alps auto. Personalize Your alerts Your baskets Your searches. Information Discussion 0 Files Plots. Classification: Forestry.

Record created , last modified Similar records. Nuking the site from orbit does NOT ensue. This is a solid sci-fi adventure, with its roots deeply planted in classic popcorn movies such as Alien, Aliens, Starship Troopers, and Jurassic Park. The only knock I have is, being so faithful to its origins, there really aren't any surprises for a modern reader.

The design and interiors of A team of doughty alien hunters--a solid mix of veterans and rookies--are sent on safari to the Most Dangerous Planet in the Universe, without a return ticket home. Actually, it did hold one major surprise for me. I don't like psionics in my sci-fi. Would that make it psy-fi? You can't image my relief when that didn't happen.

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Also, the monster on the cover doesn't really play a part in the story, so it seemed a strange design decision by the publisher Well, actually it DOES, but in a very vague way that would require spoilers to explain. Alright, I admit, I found the cover of this book to be very dissatisfying, but I swear I didn't judge the book by its This was a terrific first novel and serves well as a springboard for the other books in the ULF series.

Feb 11, John Beachem rated it liked it. Stuart Clark's first novel, Project U. The book focuses on Wyatt, a man whose job is to capture alien animals and bring them back to Earth for display in exceedingly popular and profitable zoos. Otherwise, the pacing was steady and the story was captivating.

The mystery of the illness unfolds alongside a deeper mystery, with exciting and satisfying results. This latest scifi thriller by Clark did not disappoint.

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PDF Project U.L.F. Outbreak

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