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Trash films are very cheaply made B-movies. DIY cinema at its best, filmmakers who are not bothered by any lack of talent or skill, but just get the job done in one way or the other. Paper mache, fake intestines and lots of ketchup. Films where the quality will not be found in the special effects budget, outstanding acting performances or even a coherent story, but rather in the unconventional. Unconventional techniques, presentation or content which bog-standard cinemas would not dare show on their screens. Because at our festival we challenge you to see films made by young, experimental and passionate filmmakers who aim to tickle your senses in a way that is different from your regular Hollywood movie.

Should you still let out a scream during the performance, though, no worries. We'll just crank up the volume so that no one can hear you. Aside from films, we also have an extensive programme of shows, exhibitions and workshops. In part due to our wide spectrum of side activities, BUTFF is know as a great place for lovers of alternative music, petry and performance art. Every year, BUTFF honours an actor, director or producer who has played an important part within our subculture. See: Awards. Directors, producers and actors from all over the world have been known to flock to our festival to shine a light on their work as our special guest.

Every year the festival hands out several Awards for best director, best feature film, best short film, best student film and a groundbreaker award for a personality whose accomplishments stand out in our genres.

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All locations can easily be reached and are within walking distance of Breda's central train station. The address of de Nieuwe Veste is St. Janstraat 16, GS, Breda. If you are interested in subscribing, you may do so on our main page. In addition, we are also on Facebook. Are you a journalist? This is why we work together with several partners, funds and individuals who all come together to make the festival happen. Should you wish to support the festival, either as an organization or an individual, you may do so either by becoming our financial partner or actively contributing a product or service during the festival itself.

Thank you! You can send us your film all through the year, deadline of the festival is normally around 1 June. Idee-Fixe strives to expose a larger audience to alternative art forms, with the focus mainly on photography, film, graphic art and digital media. Idee-Fixe has set itself the task of acting as active intermediary between audience, artist and dirtributor. Everything about the festival, from preparation to final credits, is run by entusiastic volunteers who wish to do their part to help the alternative film scene and the culture surrounding it.

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As with the films, IDFX strives to stimulate creativity, personal development and create room for new ideas within an informal setting. All the while keeping the focus on having fun. If you are interested in working for the BUT film festival please fill-out the volunteers form. We welcome you! During the festival we will provide you with an extensive catering service, which will include a sandwich bar and a different dinner menu for each day.

The dinner menu has both vegetarian options and non-vegetarian ones. Of course! You will be treated to beer from the Schelde brewery. Dutch IPA influenced by our neighbours to the south. Submit your film Volunteers! NEXT Edition 28 aug - 1 sept Film screening. BUTdaily Saturday 1 sept. Read more.

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BUTDaily Sunday. Previous Pause Next. Zondag 23 september van Nieuwe Veste Plein Address. Bloody Belgium. Read more about Bloody Belgium. Sun 2nd of September, Sexpress Yourself.

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Read more about Sexpress Yourself. Rotterdams Open Doek Festival. Read more about Rotterdams Open Doek Festival. Fri 25th of May, Fri 1st of June, Fri 8th of June, Fri 15th of June,