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Tag and Skyla now find themselves circled by orange-eyes enemies. A last ditch effort to save themselves then rocking, rolling, thumping, and bumping—taking a mysterious golden egg with them.

Once they have crash landed, the egg hatches, bringing the brilliant light of a baby Firehawk with it. Could this baby hawk and its light be the very thing needed to bring light to the places where the evil Thorn visits? Illustrated, engaging, and magical—young readers will enjoy this book. Teachers will love the included Supplemental Questions and Activities.

Grades K Barn owl Tag, girl squirrel Skyla, and baby firehawk Blaze set out to the Crystal Caverns to find another piece of the omnipotent Ember Stone. To reach their destination, the trio survive a blizzard, outwit the dreaded Jagged Mountains, and trust a group of unfamiliars who calls themselves seals. A piece of the ember stone is rumored to be deeply buried in an ice cave. Ignoring unforeseen hazards, the threesome dive into the cave.

They locate another piece of the precious ember stone, but dangerous ice enclosures and deadly leopard spies threaten the acquisition of the stone. Plenty of illustrations, easy-to-read text, and an engaging plot will attract young readers. Questions and Activities to help teachers assess student reading comprehension are included.

Stiefvater, Maggie. All the Crooked Saints. Scholastic Inc. Scholastic Press. There comes a time when the person you became meets the person you have actually become. For many generations, the Soria family has worked miracle upon miracle.

“The Annotated Army Song Book”

But a new, current generation of Soria emerges—the millennials, perhaps? The book focuses on the Soria cousins of Bicho Raro, Colorado, several pilgrims, and a couple of interlopers. The cousins: the driver Joaquin has a knack with the airwaves, the intelligent Beatriz is without feelings, and the intensely tenacious Daniel can work miracles. The Interlopers: the large, yet small Tony, and the extremely determined Pete.

The plot: when the omnipotent Daniel tries to avoid his destiny, he goes desert bound in order to save those he loves. The rest of the characters bind together to either help one another or support the Soria family. The book, in itself, is a miracle. Mystery, magic, and folklore can all be taught. Classroom teachers can help students study the profound characterization, the religious can reinforce their own faith, the wrongdoers can seek solace, and the non-believers can find belief.

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Grades , graduates, undergraduates, and anybody human. Gill, David Macinnis. HarperCollins Greenwillow Books. Irish South Boston resident Willow Jane is celebrating her 16th birthday. Because she is a seemingly-average and seemingly-ordinary person, nobody questions why the city goes into a deep darkness when she blows out the candles of her birthday cake. Upon the darkness though, a weird chain of events are brought about. A centuries-old witch revives, a promise-driven Harken follows through, a corrupt landlord is avenged, and Willow Jane learns to fulfill a family vendetta.

All these strange events include time manipulation, untimely deaths, and death, and following instincts, but the strange happenings will neglect insights in readers understanding magic, realism, and the supernatural. Add this book to a horror collection on library shelves, where horror books are in demand. Van Diepen, Allison.

Run the Risk. HarperCollins HarperTeen.

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Even though she is young, Grace has lived and loved. Unfortunately, the love of her life has abandoned her. Grace is now left with a somewhat absent father and a gang-bound brother named Alex. Mateo seems to be sincere and wants to expunge his abrupt departure, past life, and absentee father, so Grace reconsiders their relationship. Lacking a positive male role model in his life, Alex seems to be taking a dark path. Grace is worried about her brother. If good can come out bad, this book shows it. When things collide, the past actually can be re-considered, re-kindled, and re-lived.

Dancingly and poetically so! Philbrick, Rodman. The Big Dark.

Scholastic The Blue Sky Press. Fifty years ago, protagonist Charlie Cobb would never have flinched at the electrical outage he and his family faces now. Things go okay right away, when the consequences of a solar flare knock out power. A resistance forms, the elderly get cold, semblance is threatened, and some lives are growing more short-lived.

He leaves his mom and sister, he straps on his skiis, and he risks his life in search of medication for his mom. Steering clear of a nasty band of locals and averting some very hungry coyotes puts him in a position to offer salvation to an elderly couple. The scientific facts may not add up correctly, but no reader is going to care. Young readers are going to enjoy the swishing, swooshing, zigging, and zagging through the action packed plot. Like a reliable snowmobile, this engaging survival adventure story is definitely operating on 4-cylinders.

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Teachers can use it to start the teaching of a survival unit or use it as a supplement to teaching a survival unit. Otherwise, the book would make for a great recommendation to any outdoor enthusiast.

  1. First Steps In Research and Statistics: A Practical Workbook for Psychology Students.
  2. “The Annotated Army Song Book” - World War I Centennial;
  4. 7 Steps to living your mission successfully (Sacred Paths Entwined).

Pilkey, Dav. Scholastic Graphix. Absolutely hilarious!

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The much wiser and more mature co-authors George and Harold sniff out some ideas from the classic literature written by Charles Dickens. The result is another tail-wagging Dog Man adventure story that revolves around the themes of apprehension, redemption, rebirth, and hope. All the Dog Man books are good, but this one is the best so far.

A great lesson on how to unfix fixed mindsets and accept people and animals for who and what they are.

They are our kin! Dog Man and Cat Kid.

See a Problem?

What up, Poochies?! The very mature and profoundly deep co-authors George and Harold put yet another Rin Tin Tin-running, Chief-chastising, and cat-canoodling riotous romp. The book begins with two supposed adversaries, Dog Man and Cat Kid, parting ways. Dog Man and Cat Kid settle their differences when a missing robot controller turns up and Papa Petey is read his feline rights. An epic tale that will have young Dog Man reading upstarts and already fans purring with delight and barking with joy. Plus, notes by George and Harold as well as access to the free Pilkey Planet app for kids to start their own digital adventure.

House of Secrets: Clash of the Worlds. A world circumnavigating romp that House of Secret fans are going to enjoy. The book opens in the San Francisco bay area. The beastly Fat Jagger has somehow entered the real world. The Walker kids — Brendan, Eleanor, and Cordelia — are a bit miffed by this monstrous outlander. When other strange characters are witnessed traipsing around the US, the Walkers are forced to seek assistance from someone they would prefer to have severed ties with. To make matters worse, if the Walkers want to seal the fiction world from the real world, they must expose themselves to the evil Wind Witch.

All three kids decide to separate, in order to more efficiently find the three magical objects to seal the deal. The cast of characters is overwhelming, but the many characters accommodates all the action — giant slayings, zombie chases, bandit escapes, alien encounters, and spirit possessions.

Reluctant readers will shy away, but Walker rooters will cheer the characters along.