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When he walked in the door, She was craving for his love. But he gave her something better- A Subway sandwich.

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The subway, was filled with people. People young.

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People old. Children giggling and running around. As the train entered the tracks, the crowd gathered behind the yellow line. All of a sudden, a smell, like a drug, made my veins sober. The smell. That smell. A smell very familiar.

Subway Thoughts

A smell close to my heart. Your smell.

My tired eyes, like a bee looking for his beautiful flower, started searching you. My body, it was loosing itself. Teeth , was grasping the lower lip. Goosebumps exploded over the skin. A rush of people.

Thoughts in the subway | The New Yorker

A fight to enter the metro. But all i could do was to wrap that smell around my body. Around every cell of my body.

Subway Thoughts - The Cyclist

Suddenly, the smell vanished. Sensing something wrong with my senses, i sniffed in exxageration. But no.

Subway thoughts

It was lost. Lost in the crowd. Left me drowned. Gathering the briefcase, putting on the sunglasses.

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  • Yeah, you put that Kindle away, man. I am taking your seat. My shoes are like SO uncomfortable. And I am holding a bunch of bags.

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    I need this seat more than you do. Hello, people need to get off the train! Get the hell out of my way! And, when you finally exit the train and the station that houses it, the dust settles. You go back to being a semi-normal, approachable and possibly even nice person. New York City can have that effect on people. Embrace it; it makes you a local.

    Subway Thoughts

    Photo Courtesy: We Heart It. By Cara Kovacs. Apparently, the New York City subway is one of the most effective transit systems on earth. A rat! Where is the train? What the hell is that??? I am getting off this bitch! About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.