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The promise constructor takes in one argument: a callback function with two parameters — resolve and reject. This promise can then be used like this:. If promise was successful, a resolve will happen and the console will log Promise worked , otherwise Something broke. In short, there are 3 states to a promise:.

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To fully understand the concept of promises, lets create an app which loads an image. If image is loaded, we will display the image, or else log an error. Now, when the image is successfully loaded, promise will resolve with the response from XHR.

Not too bad, eh? Now you go ahead and make some promises!

Go on. Here are some articles that I found really helpful while learning promises:. Sign in. Get started. JavaScript: Promises explained with simple real life analogies.

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    Promise-y Transitions / Mike Bostock / Observable

    Promise: The definition A Promise is an object representing the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation. This alarming trend is the result of compounding social, cultural, financial and geographic barriers, and is simply unacceptable in light of the overall improvement in mortality rates since the s.

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    Our state-wide Initiative will enable Komen to coordinate and deliver partnerships and resources that assist African American women most in need. X Close Search Home. About Breast Cancer.

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    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in this community. The Circle of Promise provides educational and advocacy services to facilitate seamless access to these opportunities. Central to ensuring access to opportunities and high quality programs that drive student achievement is a laser focus on data.


    The City of Boston, with the Boston Public Schools, has been developing a system that allows for shared measures, outcomes, and evaluation across sectors. Over the past two years, the Mayor has led a cross-agency leadership team dedicated to education, health, and human services, which has worked to advance a common agenda for youth and families from birth through college completion.

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