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In the meantime, a strange boy and a black eagle appear in Karupatani reminding the old timers of both a boy and an eagle from years past. Who are they and why have they come? The Palace is a pile of smoldering ruins. SdK has gone bankrupt, and has all but closed its doors. The Empire is imploding, the glory days are over, and the petty politics of old once again rule the day. Overnight, it seems, the Rossorians have taken over Rehnor. The Mishnese can either join them or be ostracized, while the Karuptas are told to get out.

In the meantime, Katie and Dave have crashed on a tidally locked planet near a dying red dwarf star in the distant Black Eye Galaxy. Unfortunately, she discovers the creatures would rather eat her. The Imperial Court has moved to Rozari, to the villa by the Pink Sea, while the Imperial Palace undergoes renovations and reconstruction. Steve and Rent have been confined to the villa by the Mad Emperor, prisoners under house arrest while living in paradise.

Two Moons of Rehnor | J. Naomi Ay

Rent is fine with this, as he has taken a fancy to Eva, the new Imperial Finance Minister, who resides in the villa's annex. Steve, however, is anxious to escape from both his childhood bedroom and his indifferent wife, Joanne. In the meantime, Anne Black has arrived on Earth in a stolen Spaceforce shuttle. Preferring solitude and reclusiveness, she spends her days blasting crows with her laser, or assassinating the flowers in the garden of her rented doublewide.

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One afternoon, while shopping in the local Big Box store, Anne collides with a man whose voice sends shivers down her spine. Although he reminds her of someone, he is clearly someone else, someone intent on taking her to places she doesn't want to go, including jail. At the tender age of six, Arsan is told that he is not a normal Karupta boy, but One of Them. Arsan must discover who he really is in this life, and who he was in the lives before, for his brother has called upon him to perform a task that is yet to be defined.

In the meantime young Marik Korelesk, while living a life of luxury due to the wealth he has amassed, spends every night tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Could it be his precarious position as drug lord of the city of Farku?

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  • Or, could it be the lack of familial love, for there is only the hired help to tuck him into bed at night? The last and final installment in the Two Moons of Rehnor series finds Katie sharing a delicate moment with the mysterious Gabe, just as a spaceplane crashes into the lake, steps from them. In the meantime, Sara is stuck waiting at school for someone to pick her up for winter break. It seems she has been abandoned yet again, for Sara's step-mother, Joanne and step-siblings, Carolie and Rory have already departed the planet en route to Earth.

    They are traveling with Jim and Shelly Mattson, who are likewise escaping the Empire, and Evil Emperor, not that he would notice, or care, in any case. It is only when a warning arrives regarding his imminent termination that he sits up, and attempts to mend his ways.

    Two Moons of Rehnor. The Boy who Lit up the Sky. Book 1. Buy Now. My Enemy's Son. Gas and ash was expelled into the now placid pink sky while fields of magma flowed steadily down the side of the mountain in searing red rivers. The ship that had crashed during the worst of the storm lay in the magmas' path, and within minutes it was buried, locking, the man and woman inside for all eternity. Something is bothering me. Katie, the Empress of All Rehnor, tapped her fingernail against the polished mahogany desktop.

    It was chipped, the fingernail, not the desk. The desk was immaculate as was everything in the Palace of Mishnah.

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    It was the most expensive and highest quality of any desk that could be found in the Milky Way Galaxy, and it was kept in perfect condition by numerous staff that attended Her Imperial Highness around the clock. Katie, on the other hand, didn't have a single nail that didn't require some sort of repair.

    She had a tendency to chew them when nervous and then rip off the uneven edges. No amount of manicures could cure her of this habit. She was supposed to be working on the weekly schedule but was instead reading a bit of gossip that had just posted in the news.

    The Beginning (The Two Moons of Rehnor, Books 1 - 3)

    It was about her granddaughter, Angelica, who at fifteen had just erupted onto the Imperial social scene. Luci didn't like the dress Angelica was wearing, which would be more appropriate on a beach with a large towel to cover her up.

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    Instead, here Princess Angelica was shown entering a dance club with some rock star, a young man whom Luci had never heard of and wished she had never seen. The boy had multiple piercings in his face, and no doubt, on other parts of his body not so visibly displayed. He had a large eagle tattooed across his shoulder, reminiscent of the one worn by the Emperor. It was fashionable for young men to don copies of Karupatani Royal brandings even though they didn't have a drop of Karupta blood in them and certainly, weren't Royals. Luci recalled how in her youth Karuptas were considered the lowest of the lowliest classes, ranking beneath than the Lighties and Darks on the social strata.

    She sniffed and considered how times had changed, and in her opinion, not necessarily for the better. In the next snap, Angelica and the boy were dancing, although to Luci it looked rather like a sexual act in public. Luci's face tightened as her blood began to boil. She immediately switched off the news, considering whether she ought to ring her son, and if she did, would that prompt him to do anything about it. Probably not.

    Days of the Golden Moons

    Marik deferred to his wife, the Cyganian Crown Princess Elana, in all things that related to raising their daughter. Marik was perfectly happy to spend his time flitting about the stars, commanding one of the Imperial SpaceNavy starships, and visiting his family for only a few weeks a year. He saw his parents even less, usually only when summoned for an Imperial holiday, or an event when all family members were required to be present.

    I'm not sure. I feel something is wrong, Katie continued, interrupting Luci's thoughts as the Empress rose from her desk and went to stand by the windows.


    Briefly, she rubbed that ever present knot in the small of her back before clasping her hands and rocking on the balls of her feet. The Empress gazed out at the pounding sea and the alternating waves of gray that made up the gloomy and depressing sky.

    Periodically, the wind sent down large pellets of ice, or showers of rain that pounded against the windows with a terrible force and then, just as quickly subsided. Luci pulled her sweater closer about her chest, shivering at the cold snail trail droplets, and the memory of Angelica in that hideous revealing dress.

    Perhaps, you should see a doctor, Luci remarked, noting Katie's hand again on that point in her back. Your intuition is always wrong in any case. Luci switched her tablet back on because she couldn't give it a rest. Something is obviously ailing in your spine. I think you need to have it checked out. Now, there was Angelica laughing and in the next snap, mashing faces with the boy. I'm married to a doctor.

    He would know if anything was seriously wrong. On the other hand, the Empress returned to her desk, I think he enjoys it when I suffer. I think he revels in watching all of us suffer, Luci added as yet another vile picture of Angelica appeared.