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Anceta is a startup healthcare informatics company developing an integrated data warehouse of aggregated, standardized, and de-identified longitudinal patient information from the membership of the American Medical Group Association AMGA. The resulting data warehouse aims to be the largest repository of longitudinal patient information in the United States, representing multiple points of care and a variety of physician specialties with the goal of providing data to support the improvement of patient outcomes, quality of care, and reducing costs. The pilot initiative included the design and implementation of a comprehensive relational database model, HIPAA compliant data extraction, translation, encryption solution, and a web based presentation portal providing interactive reporting features.

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Chief Technology Officer, Powertrust. November, to July, As part of the founding executive team, responsible for technical decisions, budget, scheduling, hiring, and delivery of all aspects of the company's technology infrastructure, including overall software architecture, security, sales automation, customer acquisition, Customer Relationship Management CRM , billing, web services, email, and call center. October, to October, Responsible for the development of multiple software products and services marketed to the regulated and unregulated energy industries, including Energy Vision , Load Vision, and RELM.

June, to September, Department of Defense DOD.

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These standards drive users toward a high-ceremony approach, with the exception of MIL-STD, which stresses that users should produce only artifacts that are necessary for their specific project. The authors of and A went through some trouble explicitly to avoid a default waterfall interpretation, but unfortunately these standards were normally combined with MIL-STDB, which prescribed a sequence of high-ceremony reviews requirements review, preliminary design review, critical design review, and so on that were so expensive to perform they made anything but a waterfall approach impractical.

Interestingly, the DOD now encourages the use of iterative development. Previous page. Table of content.

SEI CMM, SEI CMMI, ISOIEC, DOD-STD, MIL-STD: High Ceremony Striving for Higher Predictability

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