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We immediately appreciate the fact that mystical teachings transcend normal thought processes. In many ways, the literal translation of the biblical stories of Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden in human proportions is a major disservice, for this invites comparisons, projections and simplistic interpretations that frequently put us on a track of distorted images and wrong-headed deductions.

The mystical perspective, however, imposes an altered frame of reference upon us from the start. In reading the Adam and Eve story literally, fundamental questions arise: Was the serpent under instructions from God to seduce Eve? If so, God's punishment would seem hypocritical, or worse, downright diabolical. If the serpent was not under God's instructions, was it simply a trouble-maker?

A trouble-maker in the Garden of Eden? This is an oxymoron. The Garden of Eden is another name for paradise. Paradise does not have trouble-makers. So the serpent must benefit in some way from a connection with Eve. In the mystical scenario described above, the serpent benefits by gaining vitality. Eve's name, Chava, means life, because she was "the mother of all living. She holds the power of life; the entire physical universe is dependent upon her. If the serpent is able to merge with her, the physical creation is possible; if not, then physicality, as we know it, could never occur.

The intrinsic nature of Eve as the supernal mother is to give life. The serpent says to her 'you will be like gods,'. Later on, God agrees that the serpent was not lying, for God says that Adam and Eve "have become like one of us. That is to say, Adam and Eve were God-like, for they now had the ability to create life.


The Zohar says clearly that the forbidden fruit was sexuality. Eve and the serpent had sexual intercourse. In other words, they merged. Matter was now vitalized. Adam merged as well and added form. And this is the story of the physical creation as we know it. One who reads the Torah literally might challenge this mystical interpretation with the more popular belief that this is a teaching story regarding sin and punishment. Indeed, the association of Eve and the serpent with sin and punishment is automatic in Western mythology.

How would the Kabbalist respond to this objection? When we carefully reread the text at the opening of the Torah, we find that there are two creation stories. In the first, male and female are created and are told to "be fruitful and multiply. In this opening chapter, which goes all the way through the seventh day, everything is fine and beautiful. The creation is perfect, no problems appear on the horizon, and the whole story could come to an end after one page. So this is one way for creation to unfold: perfect, untroubled, utopia.

But this level of perfection is a two dimensional flat-land. It has no depth in the sense that there is no real free will. If the universe were entirely preconditioned, there would be no potential for creativity. This is one of the meanings of the idea that human consciousness was created in the image of God--that is to say, we can create.

The proof of this creativity is in confronting God by eating the fruit. This is the expression of free will and the source of and imperfect, but far more vital creation. Thus the Torah retells the story. It returns back to the sixth day and provides a new rendition. In this retelling, the Garden of Eden is introduced and God instructs Adam Ha-Rishon to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge because it will surely bring death. This is a statement of fact.

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Up to this point, there is no death in the Garden of Eden. Death does not exist at all. In fact, the physical universe does not exist. All of the lovely creations in the garden are non-physical. This might seem confusing because we read about earth, plants, seas, birds, creatures, and so forth. It seems to resemble earth as we know it.

Ohr Somayach

But from the mystical perspective, the Garden of Eden is beyond any reality we can relate to at our current level of consciousness. The Garden of Eden story describes a situation in which there is no separation, no sense of identity. The body of Adam and Eve combined initially does not look like anything familiar.

Nothing is familiar in the way that we see things. But once a physical universe is formed, we read a metaphor that the voice of God "walks" in the garden in the breeze of day. This is mystical poetic imagery to indicate a new materiality has come into the creation. God asks of Adam and Eve, "Where are you! It is rhetorical. You are in bodies, you are physical beings.

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I told you this would be the result. Now you will surely die. God gives Adam and Eve clothing made of "skin. This was the "punishment" of discriminating thought. Things became separate; they see themselves as separate beings. Prior to the serpent, the sense of nakedness did not exist. At times the natural world seems to be a character itself, based on the way it interacts with the Ancient Mariner.

From the moment the Ancient Mariner offends the spirit. Testament Survey The New Testament ushers in a new dawn in time, The old testament laid the foundation about God the great creator and Satan the imitator. Humanity at this point had fell from grace, through sin that was inherited from Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were not born in sin, they were created, however after their great fall everyone that preceded after them were born in sin. In reading the new testament one comes to notice that the time of the messiah is drawing near, looking at the old.

And God created Adam and Eve and he made them male and female. So we will fight against it and condemn it and keep those who. The characters in this film are staged perfectly to compliment their environment as well.

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Scott uses mise en scene to suggest a vision of the future that is not only a collapsed, technological metropolis, but also a sad, lonely, and overall soulless place. Scott also uses the typical film noir protagonist who is often alone and faces an inner struggle between being a hero and looking out only for himself. Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is far from a knight in shining.

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Now imagine God in the shoes of Adam, that is to say, that God too, is in need of a companion. Gasataya 2 Obviously it is important to note: why God would need a companion in the first place? Like Adam, is He somehow lonely, bored and not satisfied? My theological of pastoral care and pastoral counseling I will view all the human being as it was written in the beginning with Genesis "And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them.

As a result, my priority in pastoral care and pastoral counseling is that.

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Assignment One I always believed that when Adam and Eve were created, they were created together, connected as if Siamese twins at their backs. Below I will delineate the differences and …show more content…. Below I will delineate the differences and explain how the dynamics are played out through future generations in the nature of humankind.

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Adam and Eve appear to have been created at the same time and there were no restrictions placed on them.